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Kamis, 24 Desember 2009

MALINGSIA: please read

Your Name: a.......
Your Email Address: detective.coolest@gmail.com
Subject: please read
Message: assalamualaikum,
hi i'm from uk
what the hack
u know what ur lying coz malaysia is the most wonderful country
clean beautiful country than ur country
ooo pliz
u know what
malaysia is more advanced than ur country
if u said that malaysia's prime minister said that word
u all stupid jealous of malaysia
i always watch about news
wanna what malaysia is one that always donated a million of money to ur precious country
if ur country that make malaysia aadvanced why our country had monarels first that ur country think about it
i really felt ashame of ur unpredictable attitude
aaa one more malaysia or indonesia or uk we all united
in islam we can\'t lied with each other
we can\'t fight with each other
all country have their own speacialities
i thought indonesia was ruled by islam
in indonesia have many ulama so please
stop this issue
i\'m sorry if some word made u hurt
i\'m just telling the truth
don\'t ever make defamation like that
and one more thing u should ashame coz malaysia and indonesia ithink like cousin siblings
coz this to country can comunicate using tha same langgage
that why every summer I always been to this two country

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